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Eco-system building for students' innovation and entrepreneurship


The primary aim is to organize a nationwide forum for IT-student innovation and entrepreneurship ideas.

ONPU will be responsible for ecosystem building in the form of the student innovation and entrepreneurship forum. They will organize the student innovation forum, take part in training seminars, run student innovation competitions, and manage the network building of support companies.

 This phase is the most demanding since it involved improvement of the climate for working in the knowledge triangle instantiations and creating students’ virtual communities that will promote innovation and entrepreneurial thinking.

WP4 purpose will be to disseminate to universities and governmental agencies of (the models and frameworks presented in WP3) best practices reformulated in the context of Ukraine. This is the first work package of the second phase of the project. For this purpose the goal of this WP will be to build an eco-system for fostering students' innovation and entrepreneurship. For achieving this there are planned seminars and workshops with all stakeholders of these knowledge triangle instantiations (universities, companies, students and governmental agencies). It will include launching awareness campaigns for students about the organization of the first student innovation forum in Ukraine. This WP will include a lot of networking activities in Ukraine with companies as a support mechanism for student innovation. This WP will include an active participation of students. This work package will address second problem listed in the project rationale and the second wider objective listed there.

WP depends on delivers from WP 3, overlapping of the WP should ensure that interaction and the knowledge transfer between WP occurs. Student and company interest is necessary for the project at large, raising interest is important for this end.

The purpose is the dissemination to university and governmental agencies of (the models presented in WP3) best practices reformulated in the context of Ukraine. Further on this WP contains a “National university conferences on best practices in student innovation and university/company innovation projects”. The distance training seminars will be offered universities from all Ukraine in general, i.e. representatives from universities with an interest in promoting student innovation activities and supporting university/company projects. This work package will deliver a sustainable ecosystem for enabling students, universities and companies continuous interaction and exchange of experiences in the Ukrainian context.

Outputs (tangible) and Outcomes (intangible):

4.1 - Nationwide training seminars for acceptance and understanding of the improved guidelines produced in the WP3

4.2 - Awareness campaigns for students. Running an innovation competition for students, vision essay connected to current issues.

4.3 - Organizing “The first student innovation forum in Ukraine”. Create an advisory board based on a consortium of voluntary companies.

4.4 - Involving companies (associations of companies) as a support network for support student/company contacts for good innovation.


Draft of report.