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Solve the Big Problems. IKEA Bootcamp is about collaborating and co-building with startups. We are looking for startups to help us solve the IKEA ‘Big Problems’ around being truly affordable for the many people, reaching and interacting with the many, and enabling a positive impact on the planet, people and society.

IT-Eureka! Ukraine 2015

IT-Eureka! Ukraine contest has gathered winners from Ukraine teams and an international group of experts in Lviv Polytechnic University, Lviv city, Ukraine. This is the second contest that was founded by members of European Tempus project “National Education Framework for Enhancing IT Students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship”, (NEFESIE).

Business angels and investors relationships

A students at IPN (João Parreira, Book in Loop) had a lecture about creating a startup in Portugal. The main ideas were:
1. Market research is essential part in startup. It is important to make new market research if one feels that something have been changed in business processes.
2. It is very important to find a persons that can help in startup. There are a lot of "helpers" but as a rule they do not create any company by themselves.
3. It is crucial to find a partnership in the project. The partnership can drive the project forward.
4. Financing a project is very important concerning that there are a lot of different schemes and these schemes can change project flow.

A beginning of the last part a students' course

The students are working on startup projects in IT during the last part of the course "Innovation and Entrepreneurship within IT industry". The course is divided by three parts. The first part was in Vaxjo, Sweden on Linnaeus University. The second part was in Ukraine. During that time students had to accomplish a market research for their projects. Now, during the last part the students have to finish all prerequisites for the startup preparation.

Tempus project NEFESIE and the Ukrainian Association of the Student Governmenttogether for support innovation activities of university students

December 11-13, 2015 at the Kharkiv National University of Municipal the Ukrainian Association of the Student government and the Kharkiv Regional Student’s Council, with the support of Kharkiv Regional State Administration and Kharkiv City Council, organised the Ukrainian Student’s Forum "Student Government: Problems and Prospects".


The European Commission allocates € 1 million to Ukraine for support at the national level, student IT innovation and entrepreneurship within three years.

This support is provided by the structural measures in the framework of TEMPUS «National Education Framework for Enhancing IT Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship».

The main objectives of this project is to stimulate synergy between educational programs, research projects and business innovation.

The lectures about pretotyping and prototyping of projects

The Ukrainian and Sweden students together have listened to lectures about important first steps in getting real responses from potential customers. All presentations were filled with a lot of examples from real business. A set of tools and websites were proposed to students helping in pretotyping and getting real people reactions about proposed ideas.
"Fail, Fail again. Fail better" that the words about startups that every student should be aware of and not to afraid. 

Business Canvas Modelling

A lecturer from a Portugal Business Incubator that situated in Coimbra had a set of lectures in which he described concept of business modelling. He had shown a lot of examples helping the students more clearly understand business modelling approaches and techniques. Good practical training had motivated the students to apply new knowledge in their IT projects.


Tempus projects in Ukraine