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Ukrainian students' association made a decision, that is a one of the NEFESIE project goals, to participate in writing a regulation about students' self-government

The students' self-government is a key factor in a university development, in a personality's formation. They can become entrepreneurs, leaders in innovation. A team of the Tempus project "NEFESIE" carries out this work in a way of adapting of high education level in European universities to Ukrainian ones. With accepted new law in the Ukraine "About High Education", universities feel a need to change existing regulations more urgently.

We may presume that results of the Tempus project "NEFESIE" have become as a base in broad discussions in the Ukraine concerning new regulations of students' self-government. From 28 until 30, 2014 November on base of a project "Towards Trust in Quality Assurance Systems (TRUST)" students took participation in seminar "Participation of students in forming of High Education".

Burma Sergiy (Head of Legal Department of "Ukrainian Association of Student Self- government") agreed himself to be as a coordinator in development of the new regulation "About Students' Self-Government".

Let us remind that the project "National Education Framework for Enhancing IT Students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship" from 2012 conducts active preparation for creation of a new standard in education for IT students with help of prominent European Universities.