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Lviv IT Arena : about startups

Lviv IT Arena Conference took place on October 2-4'2014. One of numberous interesting tracks was startups. Famous IT-entrepreneurs shared their experience on growing startups.

Dmytro Voloshyn gave a helicopter view on how to build startup quicker and cheaper using one of the most famous approaches Lean-startup methodology

Peter Bondarevsky analyzed the factors of startup failures and shared advices how to avoid failure on the very early stage of your startup.

Dmytro Baryskyy described the typical mistakes of those ukrainian startups that attempt to get money for their projects through collective fundraising. Eugene Plohoj in his presentation “Product Creation: From Zero to Release” touched on all the issues concerning startups, from looking for a proper idea to marketing. Max Ischenko shared lessons from personal experience of building and considered the following actual issues: starting alone vs finding co-founders, how to charge real money from real users, when hiring an employee is a bad idea etc.

Alexey Orap focused on the importance of using clear measurable business and product metrics which are key points of Lean Startup methodology.

Andrey Kolodyuk shared knowledge about who are the investors, how to find an investor for your project and what should you require from him. This topic is always relevant, because only 5-10% of projects receive investment.

At the conference a master class on startup creation took place. Six commands of beginners presented their own ideas to business angels. Among the presented ideas was creation of a robot-alpinist and development of a service for finding estates in USA. Students of Lviv Polytechnic National Universities were among the participants of the mentioned commands.