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Inter coaching between Tempus projects in Lviv

Inter coaching meeting of Tempus projects had been finished. All members took a lot of new and important information that can further improve own Tempus projects. For example, the speech of Yuriy Roshkevich was open a new perspective for building learning programs:

Your project makes a circle of interests that draws an attention of international experts for study programs so far as IT learning is in the most priority.
There is the pan-European project "Tuning" concerning application of study programs. To my high regret, this project is not financed  in the Ukraine. A methodology of building study programs was developed In the project. It would be a good practice, if your Tempus project will adopt that methodology and recommendations. According to the "Tuning" project exist base terms and definitions:

  • a competence. The term can be seen as a expert model;
  • a learning result. This term can be interpreted in definitions of competences;

IT association, and big IT companies must make a set of competences. A form of expressing competences may be as follow "an specialist may possesses such ... skills". Learning results have to be measurable, in particular, by evaluation criteria.