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Festival “Leap2future”

Within the framework of the Tempus project NEFESIE  in Kharkiv National University of 

Radioelectronics (Ukraine ) 10 September 2013 – the Festival “Leap2future”was held. 

The main goal of that Festival is knowledge sharing among IT-students about innovations 

and entrepreneurship in IT, about best case practices of International company-university 

cooperation, Implementation of innovation and entrepreneurship education content (as 

mandatory courses) into a selection of subjects: Software Engineering, Software Systems and 

Electrical Engineering Standards. 

The main discussions were about:

- How to Search ideas

- What is successful team 

- Ideas Location

- Prototype ideas

- How to present the startup in WWW

Key speakers of the Festival: 

- Prof. Hans Lundbergs  - professional passion is nascent entrepreneurship in liminal practices 

constituted of hybrid logics or increasingly under influence thereof.

 - prof.Carlos Cerqueira is the Innovation Director at Instituto Pedro Nunes, the technology 

transfer institution form Coimbra University.

- Eugen Shpik -  CEO in TopTechPhoto

- George Knabbe - СEO Startup Creation

- Sergiy Omelianenko – business trainer

- Dr. Markus Helfert is Head of Business Informatics and a Lecturer (Tenured) in 

Information Systems at Dublin City University

- Vitaliy Stapropolskiy - СЕО of Voomy IT-park in Kharkiv

Video link to festival: