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Entrepreneurship and Innovation Workshop at Linnaeus University in Växjö, May 4-9, 2015

The whole week is framed by an overall scenario assignment that will “live” all through the week (building a business model canvas around a business idea). Our idea is that this will be the concrete task for teams to apply various lectures and other input to, immediately during the week.
All members will be grouped by teams according to the university they are work in. The teams is built with three partners in each.
 These lectures are as follows:
Lecture: Biz Modelling & Biz Model Canvas.
Team Work: Start building your Biz Model Canvas.
Exercise: Types of Innovation & Bundling of Innovations.
Lecture: Design Science, Company Collaboration & Innovation.
Exercise: The creativity of crowds "Nutcracker".
Lecture: Key Entrepreneurship Concepts

and so on…

Expected learning outcomes
The objective of this course is twofold. Firstly, it will provide the teams with theoretical and practical knowledge regarding entrepreneurial competence development of the IT based value using modern software development methodologies. Secondly, it will provide the teams with a set of theoretical concepts and practical tools that can be used for understanding how IT-based innovative ideas and solutions can potentially be transformed into economic, social and/or other forms of value of which a distinct demand can be identified.