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The end of an educational course in IT startup creation

The new educational course in startup creation for master students was developed within the Tempus project during several months. The course was developed based on analogous courses in European universities that are partners in this Tempus project. The course was delivered for Ukrainian students from five universities.

A course structure has four parts. During the first part the course was delivered for Ukrainian mentors. During this part the course was adapted to Ukrainian educational environment and topics were improved. During the next parts students with their mentors listened to intensive courses in Linnaeus University (Sweden) and Institute of Pedro Nunes (Portugal). Also, the big part of the course was in Ukrainian universes. 

The course should give to the students’ competences and experience to join their abilities to create a software project with ability to promote it to a segment of real market.

The students and their mentors visited a set of innovation centers and business-incubators in European countries. They have taken European successful experiences and approaches to overcome different kinds of problems.

The last session of the course was exam, where students presented their theoretical knowledge and a level how they have worked out their startup.