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The coordination meeting of the Tempus project partners opens new vision of the form of cooperation between a Ukrainian University and students

The coordination meeting of Tempus project partners took place in Oxford city, Oxford Brooks University from 8/12/2013 to 12/12/2013.  Representatives of IT sector in education (five Ukrainian and three European universities), and big international and Ukrainian companies participated in the meeting. Searching optimal approaches for building cooperation among IT students, universities, and companies for enhancing their innovation and entrepreneurship were main subjects of the meeting. Members of the project reviewed and discussed in details practical experiences of enhancing innovation potentials and its commercialization that had been realized in the leading European universities. Successful approaches, enhancing innovation and entrepreneurship potentials of students that had been realised in Ukrainian universities, were analysed. Legal aspects, concerning starting commercial projects in which a Ukrainian university can be cofounder or partner, were reviewed in details. The most efficient models of commercializing innovation ideas that can be built within a Ukrainian university were chosen during discussion. For creating opportunities to put into practice the best models the Ministry of Education and Science of the Ukraine was chosen as the project partner. For the first time in the Ukraine, approaches that will be developed in the Tempus project will help Ukrainian universities to build the infrastructure within themselves for commercializing own projects with help of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Ukraine.

During own speech on 4-th of October 2013 the first deputy of The Minister of Education and Science of the Ukraine Ye. M. Sulyma said "The Ministry performs measures improving the policy of the State in the sphere of research, research and technical innovation, and technology transfer. Namely laws of the Ukraine are under development."

The one of main steps of achieving aim is to build the ecosystem within the project. The ecosystem should contribute to development of both innovation and entrepreneurship potentials in Ukrainian high schools. A number of experts from European universities were heard about the most important building elements of the ecosystem and about the most efficient up-to-date approaches that are in the world.

At the end of the coordination meeting planning of the next milestones and assigning of their executors among the project partners were discussed in details.