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Meeting at Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine concerning project results

In the meeting, (23-25 September 2015), took participation representatives of this Tempus project (from both Ukrainian and European Universities and IT Companies) and members executive board of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Tempus project results were presented from every work package. Tempus participants presented an analysis of amount of innovation courses in Ukrainian Universities. They had shown that only a few universites have innovation courses but the most of the ukrainian universities have no such courses at all.

One of the project results is a built IT ecosystem aimed for cooperation among IT students, IT companies and Ukrainian universities. Every Ukrainian partner in its local region had built such IT ecosystem in direction of IT innovations. A speaker has shown facts proving sustainability of the local IT ecosystems.

An important project result was created an Virtual Innovation Space (VIS - Based on the VIS students, IT professionals, and university representatives have a virtual place to discuss IT-startups. A competition of innovation IT projects was organized based on VIS. The next similar competition will be organized soon with help of the VIS. At the meeting was stressed that disregarding present difficult economical state in the Ukraine an interest to IT startups   and innovation projects remain constantly high.

It were presented a created standard for master students in "Software Engineering" and "Software systems". The standard was developed within sub commission of MESU. The standard passed an approbation. Due to a new law on Education in the Ukraine, a speaker presented ways adopting the created standard to new specifications. The projects resulted in introduction of new courses in the standard regarding innovation "Innovation management and strategy", "Creative design". These courses were developed with help of prominent European universities.



The speaker mentioned that even if the standard is not running now Ukrainian project partner Universities have implemented these courses already for master students. Representatives from MESU asked project participants to participate in competition regarding creation a new commission of standardization in the education.


A speech of head of branch of Sigma Ukraine from Lviv had shown a practical example of cooperation between the IT company and Ukrainian and European universities. For this purpose the company had created IT laboratories with modern equipment in Ukrainian universities.

The director of Institute of IT of Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas had told about dissemination project activities and results. It were presented project website and resources in social media.

A speech of representative of MESU was about good results of this interesting project. He said that the project capable to create critical amount of lecturers in innovation in IT. He stressed that the created standard for the master students is both interesting and high quality. He mentioned in the new standard not anticipate a list of courses. The created innovation courses we should deliver to universities in other way. 



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