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Roundtable "Control Pre-Carpathia Together!"

Roundtable "We supervise Carpathians together!" devoted to combining efforts of civil society organizations in the region has finished in Ivano-Frankivsk.

It is real to control the the authorities and influence them. The residents of Prykarpattya are proved of this for four months in a row. Activists of the NGOs are confident to do more with more active and enterprising people.

The problems are so many but we will solve them. When community organizations will coordinate with various kinds of action, will have a big effect. (Volodymyr Herhelyuk, the coordinator of public movement "People's Control" in the Carpathian region).

Side by side with like-minded people have agreed some of the most active NGOs of Precarpathia region to struggle with communal negligence, government omission, judges and prosecutors corruption. (Andriy Maydanskyy, Head of NGO "Grovdi").

"Only together, only all together, we will have the opportunity to stop happenings in the country and to make Ivano-Frankivsk the best efficient city. (Andriy Kornienko, chairman of NGO "Stimulus").

Today's challenges for society require the formation of a competitive environment in the capture and use of information technology among residents of the region, because the creation and application of IT innovations can significantly ease and simplify the communication of citizens with government institutions and strengthening communities to influence on government. (Yaroslav Storozh, NEFESIE project member, head of NGO "CIAR").