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Local elections: The New Rules

Roundtable "Local elections: The New Rules" was hosted in Ivano-Frankivsk, June 8, 2015.
Parliament and local councils deputies, political scientists, members of NGOs were participating in the event.

The draft law is a step forward compared with the current law as a whole. But not with all its rules I can agree. In particular, with a twice downsizing deputies quantity of local councils. That is unacceptable for limiting the possibility of participation in local government for active citizens (Bogdan Matkivski, parliamentary deputy of Ukraine).

The bill should provide a national information campaign for voters to explain the differences in voting for the new system and training of election commission members vote count (Vladimir Herhelyuk coordinator GR "People's Control").

Implementation of IT innovations in the electoral process will reduce the amount of fraud, increase transparency and provide quick and honest counting of results. Electronic support system of election should be developed and provided by independent experts, NGOs and international foundations to prevent political influence government institutions (Igor Lutak, coordinator of Tempus project IFNTUOG, board member of the NGO "CIAR").