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Hans Lundberg

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Project member
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Linnaeus University
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Vice President / Senior Lecturer
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+46 709994423
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My professional passion is nascent entrepreneurship in practices constituted of hybrid logics or increasingly under influence thereof. This passion is governed by my fascination for and experience of forming structures, negotiating images, materializing the not yet realized and dealing with vagueness as a productive resource. This passion has its roots in my deep involvement from young age in a movement that, as it turned out to be, formed a new sport (Floorball) that in three decades was to become the 2nd biggest in Sweden and now is spread to about fifty countries and formally invited to try out for becoming a new Olympic Sport.

As of now, I am engaged in pan-European collaborations on capacity building and knowledge infrastructure set-up in the fields of entrepreneurship and innovation. I mostly operate as founder/academic entrepreneur in the nascent phase and then tone down my roles and move on to new ventures. Key examples are the Vice Presidency in EURAM (, software- and methodology development in leadership and innovation research ( and Chief Analyst in two European Union Tempus Projects chaired by Linneaus University in cooperation with the Ministries of Education in Ukraine, Armenia and Georgia and a consortia of universities, on developing a national standard for entrepreneurship and innovation dimensions of IT Masters in Ukraine (1st project) and on developing a national standard for Life-long learning practices and perspectives in Ukraine, Armenia and Georgia (2nd project).

When Europe gets too European, I'm often to be found on any of the many streets of 'La mas querida'; Ciudad de México, my "entrepreneurial oasis" since many years back.


* Combinatory: Experienced in combining/linking previously unlinked areas/phenomenon

* Consistent: Following through long processes until result is created

* Carnivalesque: Embraces ambiguity, uncertainty and differences and good at managing such processes