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What are the reasons of weak ukrainian business incubator development?

Help those who open their own business, and create favorable conditions for business development, provide benefits all undertakings - the key tasks which successfully solve business incubators (organization to support newly established enterprises). In world practice, these structures are considered the best stimulants development of small and medium-sized businesses and recently gaining popularity. In Ukraine, the first incubators appeared in the early 1990s and now they are 60-70 registered. However, successful examples of assistance in establishing business is extremely small, while in neighboring countries such institutions operate very efficiently. "Status" asked officials, experts and entrepreneurs :


Officials opinions

Mikhail Chechetov, head of the subcommittee on Entrepreneurship Verkhovna Rada Committee on Industrial and regular policy and entrepreneurship: "The answer is simple: the last 5-6 years, in all countries where incubators actively raised on legs new business line , our " different colored" authorities did , in fact every year , reelection . When there engage in the creation of business incubators ( BI ) if fighters for justice is running with flags, then tune it with the drums?! However, the new government has already begun to catch up. And the first step - the intention to adopt a fundamental law of business incubators, which will be spelled out all the details of their operation. The regulation comes, perhaps as soon as in the New Year and will lay a good foundation for the development of existing BI, and creating new ones. Because such structures throughout the world is considered as the foundation for SMEs to generate new business ideas , know-how "

Igor Mantsurov, director of the Research Institute of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine: "Modern business incubators it is a big building where the newly made businessman concessional provide office, communication tools (office equipment), the opportunity to advertise themselves and their products in print and online publications, train staff. Naturally, it is very expensive, which, in my opinion, should cover the state, as is done in all developed countries. But this requires political wills , a separate budget and the appropriate system to support SMEs . In recent years, and a hint to all it was not. That's the cause of underdevelopment and BI. However, the practice of foreign countries shows that the costs to incubators repaid in 4-5 years, that is not bad if you compare, for example, industrial or social infrastructure (investment return period at least 7 years - Ed.) . Therefore, the new government will sooner or later will take the question of the establishment and full operation of such organizations ."

Expert opinions

Eugene Pilyankevich partner associations «Частные инвесторы Украины», Head of Innovation Projects: "The reason for the poor development of such structures is not only the indifference of the authorities. In Ukraine, there is simply no real need for their services. In fact, industrial parks, business incubators, innovation centers and similar organizations engaged in only a matter of infrastructure and operation of the "organization " of the various benefits. However, they do not provide the main services for which they are created all over the world - growing competitive companies , market leaders. The format in which we exist BI - complete contradiction successful international practice where the emphasis is on providing consulting , administrative and other management services for the development of start-up company . "

Natalia Kozhevina, president of the Ukrainian Association of Business Incubators and Innovation Centers: "Unfortunately, in Ukraine dominated bureaucratic Officials power that makes everything just to live relish around the budget money. And while this situation does not change, entrepreneurship in our country will not develop at all. What can we then say about the incubators? Even those that were born with the support of international donors, now on the verge of extinction. Moreover, every day them trying to pull the plug and strip the last opportunity to develop. But BI - one of the most powerful instruments to promote SMEs and implementation of innovative technologies , new skills and jobs. Is not bail welfare state? ".

Business Attitude

Andrey Kolesnichenko, entrepreneur, fund manager "Kiev business incubator": "One of the main barriers to the development of BI – checking people of all sorts and kinds, for which similar organizations still" is unknown critter ", promising an enticing prospect for all kinds of speculation. Also, "finishes " BI lack of appropriate legal framework and reliable material basis that would move forward. For normal work we need "cheap" resources ( furniture, appliances, communications ), and most importantly - premises whose rent would be at least half the market price. All this can provide the state only. "

Sergei Desyak, CEO «Евроконсалтинг»: "Only the enactment of the BI problem of development can not be solved. Key challenges in this sector - poor infrastructure venture capital investments in Ukraine, shortage of experienced and qualified professionals in project management, and the absence of a clear strategy and real support innovation and consulting activities. The task of providing such equipment and property organizations, which, incidentally, is determined by the current legislation as the primary function of a business incubator, in my opinion, is secondary. "

Referee opinion

Ildar Gazizullin, senior economist at the International Centre for Policy Studies:  «Before talking about the future of business incubators is important to determine the true reason for not developing SMEs: it lacks the expertise or the problem is that entrepreneurs need to pay bribes at every step ? It follows that to start to solve the eternal dilemma: to teach people who want to become entrepreneurs and start their own business or to deal with inspections and reform the bureaucracy? After all, if we invest in incubators or other similar projects, without deciding the issue of corruption, it will be a waste of time and money. So now BI is extremely enthusiasm of people who believe in the success of the business.

If we talk about public policy or incentive to support SMEs, we must first understand what difficulties exist there. Perhaps our entrepreneur does not need helps from incubators, because the problem lies elsewhere: people know how to run a business and have the opportunity to do it themselves, but their "hands are tied."»