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Regional Seminars for Teachers on Enhancing of IT-students Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Ukraine

From 16 to 23 May 2014 in Ukraine there will be organized regional seminars for university teachers working with creative students in the IT field, as well as the managers and coordinators involved in innovation activities in universities.

May 16 - Odessa.

May 23 - Lviv, Kharkiv , Vinnitsa.

The objectives of the seminars are to accept and understand the results and planned activities of the project and involve Ukrainian university teachers to participate in the national eco-system of student innovation.

During the seminar participants will:

  • get to know the current state of the innovators studying;
  • learn students perception of the current situation;
  • consider the basic model of interaction between universities, companies and other stockholders;
  • learn opportunities to participate in activities to intensify innovation of students;
  • be presented student innovation contest and Virtual Innovation Space.

Representatives of IT-companies will take part in seminars. 

Registration for seminar: