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KNURE in Sweden presented a new project

«The knowledge triangle in practice»
How to establish an entrepreneurship environment that brings together students, business and researches.
A wider objective of the Tempus project National Education Famework for Enhancing IT Students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship is to provide a strategic support and lasting impact on Ukrainian higher education, in establishing a structural change towards an educational system that promotes students’ creativity, Innovation and entrepreneurship in the IT related degree programs. This will include extensive promotion of knowledge triangle instantiations that involve educational programs, researchers and companies. The aim is to enable Ukrainian universities to be more aligned to the labour market needs and to be promoters of the economics development.
As a result of the project plan, our consortium members Ikea and Sigma Technology initiated and instantiated a knowledge triangle that blended researchers, students and company experts in a joint project.
During this event, we will present how the entrepreneurship environment that brings together students from computer science and business was established.
It involved students from Linnaeus University and Khnure in Ukraine together with the above-mentioned companies.
The benefits of this project threefold:
For students: to enrich their studies by meeting companies and working with real life “business dilemmas”.
For companies: to use young, creative minds to develop solutions and turn “business opportunities”.
For the academy: to farther develop master studies by adding interdisciplinary projects across departments.