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Discussion about the ideas of contest «IT Eureka! Ukraine» on the final plenary session of the All-Ukrainian Programming Olympiad.

Open Final of All-Ukrainian Programming Olympiad - Semifinal of АСМ- International Collegiate Programming Contest took place in Vinnytsia National Technical University on October 17-19’2014. This is a competition of the best students of IT specialties.
34 teams, including 32 of the best Ukrainian teams of the 630 starters in the first stage nationwide student competition, and two teams from Turkey came to Vinnytsia. 
Olympiad opening ceremony was attended by Deputy Chief of the Department of Education of Vinnytsia Regional State Administration Bachinskij V.G. and First Deputy Chairman of Vinnytsia City Council Korovij V.V.

The opening was also attended by representatives of the media, including television with the coverage of the Olympiad opening ceremony and the plenary session for Vinnytsia TV channels.





On the plenary session Associate Professor Viktoriia Voitko delivered the report about “IT-Eureka! Ukraine” contest ideas. Teams from All-Ukrainian Programming Olympiad Final were invited to take part in the contest. Olympians received flyers and contest promotional materials.