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Development and Planning

Place of occurance: 
Oxford, Great Britain

List of participants


Oxford Brookes University (United Kingdom)

1)  Samia Kamal

2)  Bob Champion

3)  Peter Raymond Ball


Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas (Ukraine)

1)  Igor Lyutak

2)  Lyubov Zinyuk


Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics (Ukraine)

1)  Ilona Revenchuk

2)  Tetyana Shatovska

3)  Viktor Kauk

4)  Olga Vorochek


Lviv Polytechnic National University (Ukraine)

1)  Dmytro Fedasyuk

2)  Vitaliy Yakovyna


Odessa National Polytechnic University in Ukraine (Ukraine)

1)  Viktor Krisilov

2)  Vira Liubchenko


Vinnytsia National Technical University (Ukraine)

1)  Anatolii Pietukh

2)  Oleksandr Reyda


Yuzhnoye State Design Office in Ukraine (Ukraine)

1)  Oleksandr Novykov

2)  Sergii Velychko


IKEA (Sweden)

1) Anna Rosenqvist


Sigma Kudos (Sweden)

1)  Niklas Malmros

2)  Artem Petrenko


Pedro Nunes Institute (Portugal)

1)  António Mendes

2)  Carlos Cerqueira


Dublin City University (Ierland)

1)  Markus Helfert

2)  Howard Duncan, Senior researcher


Swedish Council for Higher Education (Sweden)

1) Rebecka Herdevall, (only on Dec. 9)


Linnaeus University (Sweden)

1)  Stephen Hwang (only on evening, Dec. 9 and Dec10)

2)  Katarina Rönndahl

3)  Ulf Rosen

4)  Jan Aidemark

5)  Arianit Kurti  




Monday 9th December 2013

Venue: Oxford Brookes University. Headington Hill Campus.  Music Room and Dining Room.


09.30   Coffee 


10.15  Welcome and opening of the session 

Senior management team members of Oxford Brookes University 

10.30   Project yearly report, Arianit Kurti 

11.00  Coffee 

11:15  Erasmus + 2014-2020 opportunities 

Presentation by Rebecka Herdevall from The Swedish Council for Higher Education 

12:00  A quick status report from each WP 

5 minutes for each presentation 

13:00  Lunch (sponsored by OBU) 

14:30  Company integration with the project  Presentation by Youzhnoye SDO 

15:00  Coffee 

15:15  WP3 progress and development 

Session Chair: Bob Champion, Peter Ball, Samia Kamal and Ilona Revenchuk 

17:30  Conclusions of the day 

19:00  Tempus dinner at Oxford Brooke University restaurant (sponsored by Lnu) 

The restaurant is based in the main Gipsy Lane Campus.  On arrival to the Campus ask the porter for directions. 

Tuesday 10th December 2013

Venue: Harwell Campus (morning) and Gipsy Lane Campus (afternoon)


09:00  Room BG01, Buckley Building Gipsy Lane Campus.

  Lnu views on Internationalisation. EU- projects such as TEMPUS, Joint Master 

  Project (JMP), Erasmus Mundus

  Presentation by Stephen Hwang, Linnaeus University rector.

09.30  Bus from Gipsy Lane Campus to Harwell Campus. (Science & Technology Facilities Council) 10.30 Harwell Visit

13.00  Lunch 

13:30   Bus back to Gipsy Lane Campus.. 

14.30  Room BG011, Buckley Building Gipsy Lane Campus  Aligning activities between WP4 and WP5 

Session Chairs: ONPU and LPNU representatives 

15:30  Coffee 

16:00  Student Hub, Abercrombie Building  Presentations by: 

Tempus IV - Universities and Business Collaboration Project Seminar lead by Sigma and IKEA 

• Project idea by Anna Rosenqvist (IKEA) 

• Examples of cooperation by Niklas Malmros (SIGMA) 

• Cooperation in Ukrainian context by KNURE and SIGMA Ukraine 

• Alumni entrepreneur of OBU.  Tom Shannon 

• President of the Oxford entrepreneur Society.  John Stringfellow  •  Discussions and Q&A. 

17:30  Conclusion of day 

18:00  Buffet reception at Abercrombie Atrium. (sponsored by OBU) 


Wednesday 11th December 2013

Venue: Room G534(morning) and room BG10 (afternoon), Gipsy Lane campus.


09.30   Coffee 

10.00  Aligning activities between WP3 and WP6 

Session Chairs: OBU and KNURE representatives 

11.30  Coffee 

12:00  Aligning activities between WP3 and WP6 

Session Chairs: OBU and KNURE representatives 

13.30  Lunch (paid individually) 

14:30  Planning for the Ecosystem meeting in Kiev (February 2014)  Session Chairs: Tetyana Shatovska and Niklas Malmros 

15.30  Coffee 

16:00  Conclusion of the day

19:00 Oxford City tour by David Lightfoot, please register your interest if you wish to attend.


Thursday 12th December 2013

Venue: Room FG07 at Harcourt Hill Harcourt Hill Campus.


09.30   Coffee 

10.00  Planning for the review meeting in Dublin (March 2014).  (Preparation of intermediate report to be submitted to EACEA) 

Session Chairs: Howard Duncan and Arianit Kurti 

11.30  Coffee 

12:00  Planning and coordination of the activities for 2014 

Session Chairs: Jan Aidemark, Tetyana Shatovska and Ulf Rosen 

13.30  Lunch (paid individually) 

14:30  Planning and coordination of the activities for 2014 (continuation) 

Session Chairs: Jan Aidemark, Tetyana Shatovska and Ulf Rosen 

15.30  Coffee 

16:00  Conclusion of the meeting.


Meeting date: 
Sunday, 8 December, 2013 to Thursday, 12 December, 2013