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Key area 1 - The creation of ideas

There are several ways to achieve this, but the most important are the inclusion of entrepreneurship classes (mandatories) in the course. Here’s an example of a good practice:


This practice relates to teaching activities, in a regular basis, within the general course plan of the Computer Engineering Degree of University of Coimbra Science Faculty.

This class is called “PGI - Innovative Management and Processes” and the target students are 3rd year bachelor (1st Cycle Studies).The goal is to train and develop entrepreneurial and innovative skills among IT students: showing them the most relevant authors and practices and provide those tools and knowledge for their future innovative approaches, but specially, to challenging them to develop innovative projects in real contexts.

Meeting of partners TEMPUS project NEFESIE

From 13 till 15 of May 2013 in the Coimbra city (Portugal) was planned meeting of the project. The meeting was hosted by the partner of the project Institute Pedro Nunes (IPN).

The first day was alloted for analisys of current state of work packages in a whole and for analisys of individual work packages in details. The main attention was given for just finished package WP2 which is devoted for analysis of innovational and entrepreneurial potential of Ukrainian universities. During fulfilment the second work package, the conditions of innovational and entrepreneurial potentials of all Ukrainian universities were analised. The polls of students in partner universities were performed about their wishes in entrepreneural direction. Succesfull examples of cooperation among universities and companies were analised also consultations with representatives of similar Tempus projects were conducted.

How to find a job by universities graduates?

Journalists of the 5-th channel prepared the TV program named "Factory of Ideas" about problem of job finding of universities graduates (

It is interesting that along with prevalent opinion  about difficulties in job finding, are given a set of other examples of succesfull employment. The succesfull examples have been seen in IT field. Exactly in this field are observed  big development and shortage of skilled specialists. From given  interview by expert in the IT field (namely also TEMPUS project coordinator in the Ukraine "National Education Framework for Enhancing IT Students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship" and coordinator of training center "Career" at the Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics) became clear that exactly IT field in the Ukraine has stable tendency of development.

The European Commission contributes to the development and improvement of innovation and entrepreneurship IT-students in Ukraine

The European Commission allocates € 1 million to Ukraine for support at the national level, student IT innovation and entrepreneurship within three years.

This support is provided by the structural measures in the framework of TEMPUS «National Education Framework for Enhancing IT Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship».

The main objectives of this project is to stimulate synergy between educational programs, research projects and business innovation.

Festival «Leap2future»

For the first time in Kharkov (Ukraine) September 10, 2013 will be held the Festival "Leap into the Future» (

The main purpose of the festival is to attract talented students to the new IT - international projects. According to the results of the festival for the Ministry of Education and Science will be given suggestions for improving the training of professionals in the IT - areas of capacity in universities environment for the development of innovation and entrepreneurial activity of creative young people.

The festival will experts in the creation and development of new IT - projects. All uchatniki in free communication mode indicator will be able to ask questions, get an expert assessment of their ideas and establish useful contacts for the future.

Overview of Universities Preparing IT Professionals in Ukraine


According to the action plan about the development of education in the field of information technologies in 2013, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated September 21, 2011 № 1036, the problem of increasing importance of innovation and entrepreneurial component in professional training for IT industry in Ukrainian Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) was analyzed by Tempus group.

Questionnaire for students #1


European Commission helps to promote IT students’ innovation and entrepreneurship in Ukraine

The European Commission is providing € 1 million in assistance to Ukraine to help promoting IT students’ innovation and entrepreneurship at national level over a period of three years. This support is provided through a Structural Measures project under TEMPUS Fifth call.


Tempus projects in Ukraine