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The European Commission contributes to the development and improvement of innovation and entrepreneurship IT-students in Ukraine

First Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine - Inna Sovsun and head international cooperation and European Integration - Anna Novosad under Tempus project «National Education Framework for Enhancing IT Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship», which aims to promote synergies between educational programs, research projects and business innovation, visited the Technical University of Denmark.

Ukrainian students' association made a decision, that is a one of the NEFESIE project goals, to participate in writing a regulation about students' self-government

The students' self-government is a key factor in a university development, in a personality's formation. They can become entrepreneurs, leaders in innovation. A team of the Tempus project "NEFESIE" carries out this work in a way of adapting of high education level in European universities to Ukrainian ones. With accepted new law in the Ukraine "About High Education", universities feel a need to change existing regulations more urgently.

Garage48 in Lviv and visit of Ragnar Saas

Recently Garage48 took place in Lviv for the first time. Garage48 (G48) is an international event allowing participants to present their business ideas, consult with experts, receive a feedback from investors, form a team and as a result to create a prototype of their project and all this within 48 hours during a weekend.

Two weeks before the hackaton on the initiative of Maxym Lysak, CEO and co-founder of Lviv Startup Depot Ragnar Saas, a serial startup entrepreneur and a founder of startup boot camp Garage48 in his native Estonia met with students of Lviv Polytechnic National University. Within Garage48 Ragnar has organized more than 20 hackatons in a range of countries including Eastern Europe, thus helping to develop startups and entrepreneurship. Due to hackatons more than 10 startups are already created and successfully developing popular products.

Discussion about the ideas of contest «IT Eureka! Ukraine» on the final plenary session of the All-Ukrainian Programming Olympiad.

Open Final of All-Ukrainian Programming Olympiad - Semifinal of АСМ- International Collegiate Programming Contest took place in Vinnytsia National Technical University on October 17-19’2014. This is a competition of the best students of IT specialties.

34 teams, including 32 of the best Ukrainian teams of the 630 starters in the first stage nationwide student competition, and two teams from Turkey came to Vinnytsia. 

Olympiad opening ceremony was attended by Deputy Chief of the Department of Education of Vinnytsia Regional State Administration Bachinskij V.G. and First Deputy Chairman of Vinnytsia City Council Korovij V.V.

KNURE in Sweden presented a new project

«The knowledge triangle in practice»

How to establish an entrepreneurship environment that brings together students, business and researches.

A wider objective of the Tempus project National Education Famework for Enhancing IT Students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship is to provide a strategic support and lasting impact on Ukrainian higher education, in establishing a structural change towards an educational system that promotes students’ creativity, Innovation and entrepreneurship in the IT related degree programs. This will include extensive promotion of knowledge triangle instantiations that involve educational programs, researchers and companies. The aim is to enable Ukrainian universities to be more aligned to the labour market needs and to be promoters of the economics development.

As a result of the project plan, our consortium members Ikea and Sigma Technology initiated and instantiated a knowledge triangle that blended researchers, students and company experts in a joint project.

"IT Eureka! Ukraine " in Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics

In KhNURE is extensive informing students about contest "IT Eureka! Ukraine " since September.

All teachers of IT department of University involved in this process.

Interest in the contest is increasing day by day. We hope that the detailed presentation of the contest in streaming lectures will give a good result and the KNURE students will be able to pass the first stage and get hands-on experience in developing their own interesting ideas.

Lviv IT Arena : about startups

Lviv IT Arena Conference took place on October 2-4'2014. One of numberous interesting tracks was startups. Famous IT-entrepreneurs shared their experience on growing startups.

Dmytro Voloshyn gave a helicopter view on how to build startup quicker and cheaper using one of the most famous approaches Lean-startup methodology

Peter Bondarevsky analyzed the factors of startup failures and shared advices how to avoid failure on the very early stage of your startup.

Dmytro Baryskyy described the typical mistakes of those ukrainian startups that attempt to get money for their projects through collective fundraising. Eugene Plohoj in his presentation “Product Creation: From Zero to Release” touched on all the issues concerning startups, from looking for a proper idea to marketing. Max Ischenko shared lessons from personal experience of building and considered the following actual issues: starting alone vs finding co-founders, how to charge real money from real users, when hiring an employee is a bad idea etc.

The role of the regional council in innovation ecosystem


The role of the regional council in innovation ecosystem

It is presented a role of regional council in boosting innovation and entrepreneurship. The speaker underline that even no all Sweden people know regional council functions in innovations.
It was described all departments in the regional council.
This presentation was shown on Tempus project meeting in Linnaeus University, Växjö, Sweden.


An advertisement campaign started in Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas promoting a contest "IT-Eureka! Ukraine"

The advertising campaign began among IT students of the third and the fourth years of study. During this campaign lecturers from department of software automatisation explained to students goals and a procedure how to apply for the contest.
The Tempus project team prepared flyers, that help students keep in mind the contest goals and a way how to apply for it.


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